Central to our Mission as Telephone Pioneers of America is providing rewarding community service experiences for all of our members, fellow employees, spouses and their families. Because of this, Pioneers have become a major contributor of volunteer activities in our communities, offering a broad-based platform of service activities that includes educational, environmental, human services, health and life enrichment programs. As Pioneers, we put a visible face on our organization’s and companies’ commitment to the community. In doing so, we have not only learned to be very creative in planning and supporting projects that are innovative and useful in our communities. We have also recognized that with the support of various organizations, our goals can be more easily accomplished. The Association, therefore, has entered into a number of organizational alliances or partnerships to benefit our organization as well as the community in general. Joining hands and hearts, Pioneers show they care every day in the communities where we live and work. This section is but an introduction to the national and international programs and partnerships of the Telephone Pioneers. To learn more – to join us, volunteer with us, or to discover how to bring our programs to your community – speak with one of our volunteers at the Pioneers Resource Center. Call us toll-free at 800 423-3422 

One of the most visible of all Pioneer programs – our Playground Maps were featured on Good Morning America – these colorful, 20- by 30-foot works of art are popping up in school yards across the U.S. and Canada, at a rate of 1,000 or so per year since 1994! Geography may have gotten somewhat lost in today’s school curriculum, but Pioneers are putting it back on the map – providing both educational fun for the kids and a teaching aid for educators. Using an average of 400 students per Playground Maps location, Pioneers have impacted some 2.2 million children with this program.
This is the most popular program that we have ever created. Once we had distributed over 2 million hand made bears! – Hug-a-Bears have made the Today show and traveled all around the world, primarily for use by police, fire and emergency relief units in comforting children in traumatic situations. Hug-a-Bears more educated cousin is the Smart Bear. Equipped with a mini-backpack and a childrens book, this teddy promotes reading while offering something to hold onto when things get tough. And our Heart Pillows are therapy for those recovering from surgery.
The Pioneers are trying to give out Dictionaries to 3rd grade classes in the State of Virginia.  We work with
other organizations to help with distribution and cost of the dictionaries.