100% American Made-RADA Cutlery

Rada Mfg. Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa and has been manufacturing cutlery since 1948 and has earned the reputation of being remarkable.

Rada Cutlery products are 100% American Made-from raw materials through construction. Rada Cutlery is used in millions of homes every day and now Pioneers, their friends and family have an opportunity to purchase this remarkable product and at the same time support Pioneer projects.

Please extend this email to everyone you know because with every purchase you make, a portion of every sale comes back to your local Pioneer group who is using it to help the homeless, get educational materials into the hands of children, help our military and many more projects in the communities they serve.

Please take a moment to look at the on-line catalog and make a purchase which is Made in the USA and has a Lifetime Guarantee.

On-line Ordering Instructions

1. Go to this website: http://www.helpourfundraiser.com
2. Enter the following: Internet Ordering Number: 504282/Password: pioneer(small letters)
3. Click on BROWSE and browse the Catalog
4. Place your order